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Ball Friend: Roller Adventure & GooglePlay’den indir

Ball Friend: Roller Adventure & GooglePlay’den indir


Our house is in danger! Are you ready to jump and roller ball in this adventure?


While the blue ball and the red bounce roller ball live in their cute forest. A virus infested the forest one day and evolved the animals in the forest. They have now turned into monsters who want to take over the forest.


We have only one hope of saving the forest from them, red ball. Help him and save the forest from these creatures. Then join the adventure of saving the factory as well to completely remove the enemies from the world.


– Use your wits and dexterity in this adventure. You will have a lot of fun and be addicted. A total of 80 exciting levels are waiting for you. 6 Boss battles and cute puzzles will blow your mind.


– You will feel real world physics in blue ball and friend red bounce ball game. Don’t forget to rescue your captive friends as you go from adventure to adventure. Collect and save the gold in the section and you can buy new balls with them. Defeat bosses too and save the world from them! Jump, roll and help the hero ball in this adventure.




* +80 Levels and 6 Boss battles.

* Forest theme and factory theme.

* Precise ball control.

* Intelligent enemies and unique puzzles.

* Exciting and smooth gameplay.

* Excellent sound effects and game soundtrack.

* Different +28 types of different balls.

* Balls in game:

Red Ball

– Orange Ball

– Tomato Ball

Hero Ball

Blue ball

Super ball

Roller ball

Color ball

Berkan Yıldırım

1992 doğumlu. Eskişehir Üniversitesi Radyo Televizyon ve Sinema bölümü 3. sınıf öğrencisi. 2 yıldır çeşitli dergilerde editörlük görevi yapmaktadır. En büyük hayali ulusal bir gazetede editörlük görevine devam etmek.

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